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About Dr. VIjay Ramanan

Dr. Vijay Ramanan is considered God of Thalassaemia and has treated over 14000 Thalassaemia Major patients across the world. He is leading clinical hematologist and bone marrow transplant physician in India. He treats ThalassaemiaSickle cell diseasesHb-E diseases and other hemoglobinopathies from across the world. He provides treatment for Thalassaemia, Lymphoma, Leukaemia, Myeloma, Aplastic Anemia, MDS, Immunodeficiency disorders, storage disorders to name a few.

  • Founding Director of transplant unit at Ruby Hall Clinic, Pune.

  • He currently heads the transplant unit at Ruby Hall, Pune.

  • Done over 350 bone marrow transplants in Ruby Hall Clinic, Pune .

  • He is first individual PATRON of European Society of Bone Marrow Transplant in India.

  • He has highest success rate of survival in transplant.

  • Pioneer of cord blood transplant in India.

  • Done his D.M. Clinical hematology from C.M.C Vellore, which has the most advanced hematology labs in Asia.

  • He is the First DM in CLINICAL HAEMATOLOGY/HAEM-ONCOLOGY in Maharastra, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Andra Pradesh.

  • Gold Medalist in M.D. and D.M. Done his MBBS and M.D.(Medicine) from prestigious B.J. Medical College, Pune.

  • Honorary consultant at K.E.M Hospital, Apollo, Jehangir and Poona Hospital.

  • Has started Thalassemia Day care under the aeigis of Red Cross Pune.

  • Started FIRST Thalassaemia Chelation daycare centre at Dhanori under - Late ex-warrant officer M Subramanan Daycare.

  • Ex- Assistant Professor at B.J. Medical College and Sassoon General Hospital.

  • Yashoda Hematology Clinic is the only stand alone lab doing work on Hemophilia and Thrombophilia.

  • The center was leading recruiter for a clinical study under Dr Mannuchi of Milan University.

  • Member of American Society of Hematology and Member of Scientific Committee of the Asia Pacific Bone Marrow Transplant.

  • Collaboration with Hadassah University, Jerusalem, Israel.

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