Dr. Vijay Ramanan

Leading Hematologist and Bone Marrow Transplant Physician in India.

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Lymphoma & Leukemia

Dr. Vijay Ramanan is leading doctor in treating Lymphoma & Luekemia.

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Thalassaemia & Hemophilia

Dr. Vijay Ramanan is leading doctor and has pioneered in Wheatgrass and Novel theraphies.

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Bone marrow Transplant

With over 250 bone marrow transplants done by Dr. Vijay Ramanan he is most reputed doctor in India. He pioneers in cord blood and halo identical transplants.

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MVR Foundation

Dr. Vijay Ramanan's vision is to improve health index of India. India has one of the largest blood related diseases. Treating them costs a lot. To help cure poor patients and to increase awareness on these diseases he has started this foundation

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Anjali Labs

Anjali Lab is head by Dr. Ketki Kelkar and is one of the leading lab for Trombophilia(clot related) and Haemophilia testing. Dr. Ketki Kelkar is contributing to cutting edge reasearch with Genepath. Dr Ketki Kelkar also does Bone marrow examination on OPD basis. Contact : 02024484242 for further details.

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Dr. Vijay Ramanan frequently conducts sessions and events to educate people on blood related diseases and cancer. He has been invited by various TV channels to talk on these topics and answer viewers question.

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